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Ancient Satire

God's use of a bad example.  Why we do not want to be like Jonah

Now if your dialogue with the book of Jonah is anything like mine over the past few years it all about the fish. The discussion of the fish in my experience had paths. This had to happen because it is in the Bible, here is how it is scientifically possible. Perhaps the opposite, this is an impossible thing this book is dumb don’t listen to it. Some have seen as just a secret code for the three days of Jesus in the tomb, and the only function is to hint to Jesus. This 4-page little book is not about the fish, it about Jonah. Specifically about Jonah emotions and feelings about Nineveh.

When I read Jonah, I am reminded a bit Mark Twain, Trey Parker, Stephen Colbert. I see satire, but I will call it “Satire Adjacent.” If I am honest when I close my eyes I see the story in the art form of South Park and Jonah is no doubt Cartman. It may not be theologically or historically accurate to call Jonah a satire, but I find it …

Blessings and Curses

Some verses of the Bible just seem bigger. Like anytime God Makes a covenant seems BIG. And the implications are bigger than other parts. Often what we believe about these Covenant Bible verses and our theological interpretation of them have tremendous ripples into the rest of our life. Whether that is religious thought, politics, or everyday interactions. I do believe that Genesis 12:3 is one of those verses. This verse is a cornerstone of modern American political support of Israel, and to some may lead to unhealthy nationalism. I do believe it should be a cornerstone of Christian Politics, just not Zionism. I will spend most of this blog providing an antithesis to Zionism and Nationalist interpretation of Genesis 12:3 and lay a gracious biblical cornerstone to replace it. As this series continues I hope it builds up, but this first post has more tearing down.

Zionism a Theological Complicated Reading When I was in college, I was an intern at a Zionist Southern Baptist…